Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Why are you so scared of Foreigners ? Xenophobic Hysteria in the UK

I would like to move on the no taxation without representation issue, EC and others are here paying taxes and do not have the vote in national elections.
We pay taxes so we should be able to vote, if we could vote the politicians would suddenly want to be our best friends.
Why not deport British citizens who claim benefits not just to cheaper parts of the UK but to cheaper countries. Any Brit who can't pass the UK citizenship test, and/or is some sort of liability could be deported to "residential care and education centres" in Morocco or Bangladesh or wherever. 5 years on benefits in the UK and you will be designated UK Citizen (Restricted Residence) meaning you have to be live in an overseas UK residential area without rights to reenter the UK without a guaranteed job etc... For every unemployed, unproductive Brit you pay to live in a cheaper country you can give that country a visa for a well-educated young person to live and work in the UK.
Why do I think that IDS has already thought of this and is just try to think of a way to spin it to the UK ?

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