Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Paid Sex as Violence ... Again :(

Paid Sex as Violence

The above link is to an article that is a very sad and pathetic attempt to suggest that the violence that is experience by some Sex Workers is somehow related directly to them supplying paid sex and not because they are compelled to work in criminalized and stigmatized environments were abusive people feel able to abuse sex workers.

"Despite frequent reports of prostitutes being trafficked, enslaved, raped or beaten..." No one asks why they are so vulnerable compared with MEPs ???

Women with labour rights and protections can resist abuse so when people deny us rights why should they wonder that abusive people take advantage of the rights lacuna created by bad laws and poor policy ???

I should able to sell sex as safely as MEPs talk and talk in Brussels and if I can't, I think the MEPs should work to enable me to sell sex safely and not blame women's sexual labour for the reason they are abused. 

That is the same as blaming women's clothing for rape !

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